What is the difference between the UV laminate and the hot laminates?

A lot! All of our hot laminates are always double-sided (encapsulated) and they come in a variety of thicknesses. Although they make a great protective coating for everyday use, they have no ultra-violet resistance. So if you are trying to protect an ink based reproduction, the ink will fade over a short period of time. They are also only available in a gloss surface for sizes up to 26" in width. Our UV laminates come on a 51" roll stock, so size is usually not an issue. They also come in gloss, luster and matte finishes and are resistant to ultra-violet rays for up to eight (8) years. They are perfect for that inkjet plot or any color presentation that you want to last.

What does the OCE 9800 oversize copier do?

The 9800 is an oversize copier that runs from continuous feed roll stock and goes up to 36" in width. It is also used for enlargements and reductions. It can enlarge an image up to 200% at a time or reduce down to 46% at a time. The quality isn't an issue because it is good enough that even second and third generation copies look as good as the original. The 9800 oversize printer also doubles as an oversize black and white scanner. With it we can scan your documents and save them to a CD for easy storage.

What are your hours?

Doo'ps Copy Tech is open for business from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of major holidays.

Do you have a rush charge?

On a regular basis, No! We feel that all jobs need to be done on an a.s.a.p. basis so we try and work around your schedule to get your job done in an acceptable amount of time to you! Rush charges are mainly incurred if you want us to stay after hours to get your job done that night or if you bring a job in late Friday night and need it when we open Monday morning.

What if I'm not sure how to get a job ready to send to you?

No problem there! Doo'ps provides consulting services free of charge in the greater Olympia area. Just give us a call and we will send a representative to your office for a consultation.

Can I open an account?

Of course! All you need to do is fill out one of our credit applications and you'll be on your way. There are no charges to open an account with us, all we ask is that your minimum job be for $5.00 or more. Please allow two (2) weeks after receipt of your application for processing.

Doo'ps Credit Form
Just Fill it out and fax it in.

How do I prepare an Autocad file for printing?

.LDF - The all new Layered Document File format from OCE is the most efficient and cost effective solution for printing out files created in other programs. Using the OCE Publisher, you are now able to create .LDF files from any windows application. Assemble a set of DWG, DWF, TIFF, PLT and other file types, convert them into a print-ready format (LDF) and preview them in a WYSIWYP state.

Oce Publisher also includes drivers for AutoCad allowing you to convert a DWG file into a print-ready format and preview it in a WYSIWYP state.

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Other supported Formats


Any other questions? Just give us a call anytime and we would be glad to assist you...

Thank You! All Of Your Questions Are Important To Us!